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1.Moon Shake, Make the Earth Quake
  2. Bounty Hunter (Stranded in Space)
  3. Caveman Music
  4. Body-Soul Connector
  5. Kill Your Mind

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Smokestack Rock is a spontaneous, urgent and constantly evolving creative force that captivates audiences with energetic performances and a message that awakens your instincts and frees your mind. Much like The Beatles and Eric Clapton translated blues legends like Robert Johnson and Roosevelt Sykes to rock and roll by using the modern instruments of their time, Smokestack Rock fuses old school blues guitar and piano with the modern musical elements of today to create their own, unique rock music.

Irresistible guitar and dubstep influenced piano riffs cement the wisdom of Smokestack Rock in the synapses of your brain. Be prepared to look up the lyrics after your first listen, you’ll certainly learn a thing or two from these grunting poets.

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